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20 February 1985
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This journal supposed to be:

fluffy and slashy and most of all friends only

but feel free to add, I don't bite :)

Just the ordinary nerd next door, 24 years, German, biology student and having a great interest in
~ Finland(the country, the music, the men, the acent, the vodka...)
~ Scotland(the country, them music, the men, the acent, the whiskey...)
~ British Actors
~ Fantasy(LotR, Dragonlance etc)
~ Schience Fiction(Star Wars, Starship Troopes etc)
~ Harry Potter, especially Sirius/Remus (OTP)
~ Slash, boys touching and everything fluffy, angsty, sappy <3
~ series like Dr. Who, Supernatural, The Mentalist etc.
~ Music, mostly power, viking and folk metal.

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